New fan.

Is there anybody who doesn’t like coffee?

ME. Before.

For me, coffee is only bitter, black and acidic.

Until one time, Hamzah brought me to Yardstick coffee in Makati. That was my first time for tasting coffee like I never did before. Actually I have learnt things about coffee in my class (since I am Food Technology student), I know it contains many flavors but I never try it by myself 😦 But there, I had chance to taste the flavors of the coffee with its own characteristic and notes.  The way it is brewed will affect the taste of the coffee. The place it is cultivated will also affect the taste of the coffee.

The smell of the coffee and the smile of the baristas just had made my day.

After that, I read books about coffee and I went to the coffee shop for several weeks before my departure. HAHA. I joined one of their workshop. I met their head barista and coffee educator. We shared lots of things about coffee and I saw the passion for the coffee in their eyes. They are not hesitate to teach me about coffee and even brought me to their roasting room! Such a memorable experience 🙂

Coffee is complicated. One cup of coffee in front of you has many untold stories behind it. Sometimes it hides tears, injustice and disappointment. On the other side, it hides love for the family,  toughness, hope and passion.

Four the love of coffee.

(Special thanks to Sir and Aldrin)

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