A contemplation after 4 months staying in Philippines.

Yeah. Let’s say that this is a contemplation which is born from a deep reflection after living for 4 months abroad #cie.

If someone would ask me, do I regret for taking the chance to stay in Philippines? I will say no. I do not regret anything.

So, your life must be easy then! You don’t find any difficulties!

No, I am. I found many.

But despite the culture shock, adapting to crazy different environments (for example just imagine, you are walking down the street and people will talk in another language that you don’t understand at all and you will experience it everyday, at first time I feel like I was an alien HAHA!), meet people that don’t fit to yourself (It doesn’t mean that I’m not trying bro! I did. But, it just happens like that way so.. yeah~ Indeed, all people actually can’t fit with ourselves but we can try to adjusting, but some won’t. So I will not coerce tho #curhat ), learn to adapt with new education system and et cetera.

Living abroad (or in my case, living as exchange student) for me is INCREDIBLE FUN!

WHY? Because I learn lots and gaining valuable and memorable experiences!

I will explain some things (not all because it’s a lot, you should experience it by yourself) that I just discover when I have lived in Philippines and some my experiences as well! πŸ™‚

  1. Philippines is quite similar to Indonesia! We are an archipelago country, have lots of beautiful beaches HEHE. If you want to come to Philippines, Filipino will suggest you 3 popular places that have beautiful beach, that is Coron Island, Elnido and Boracay. (I hope next year I can go to Coron :’) )
  2. Filipinos like to stay abroad after graduated. Most likely US, Canada and Spain.
  3. Besides stay abroad, some Filipino also married with American. They give a nickname for that! Haha. Philam which is the abbreviation of Philippine American.
  4. Many suspended class due to weather (e.g typhoon), strike, many national holidays, seminar. If I sum up my total meetings for each subject that I took now, from 14 weeks that already passed, I just meet my prof around 7 times (estimated that each week I will meet my prof one time). So my holiday : school day ratio is 1:1 ! OMG. I just realized it now when I wrote this.
  5. I found out that Filipinos are very hospitable. My classmates from all sections, my church friends, Filipinos that I get to know by friend-of-friend relation, stranger Filipinos that becomes friend, Filipinos friends from Facebook, all of them are very hospitable. For example, I have friend from Marcos, Ilocos Norte. I know her by friend-of-friend relation. She is friend of my high school friend. Her name is Anne. She is very kind-hearted woman. She helps me with many things, even she lent me her car so I could roam around Ilocos.

    This is Anne πŸ˜€

    I got new family here in Philippines !!

    She is a nurse that works in operation room at provincial hospital. She allowed me to come to the operation room when they had just finished helping a mom for delivering a baby!

    My first experience entered the operation room!

    (You know, the baby’s mom said that she will give her baby name Tashia! HAHAHA ). Oh ya! Anne’s father is former vice mayor!

    We took lunch together πŸ™‚

    Another Filipino that also very hospitable is this guy! OMG He is very cool! He is the CEO of FH&S, the Philippines First Food Technology and Nutrition Magazine yet his age still 26 (Am I right? Haha). His name is Richmond Victor Ejanda, usually I call him Victor (without kuya because he doesn’t want to HAHA). He toured me around Manila and also invited me to go to Baguio and paid all things :’)

    This was taken when we went to Baguio πŸ˜€

    He is very passionate about Food and Science behind it. He also wrote a book, the title is Kuisina Gastronomika. You can find it in National Bookstore (Because last night, I went there and I saw his book! Hehehe). I met great men of Philippines!

  6. Slow internet connection. Hm. I’m strugglinggggg! Haha. Because I always watch Youtube in Indonesia. Here, buffering~
  7. Filipinos girls are very beautiful. Maybe this is one of the reason why Philippines often winning the beauty pageant like recently, Philippines won the Miss Earth 2017. (What are they treatments? I don’t know 😦 , Is there any Filipinos girl want to explain this? Just comment below then!)
  8. Mostly Filipinos understand English but can not speak it up (for lower class usually), but if the college students say they can not speak English, it doesn’t mean that they really can’t speak English. They just aren’t accustomed for using English everyday or too concern about the grammar #hm)
  9. If you want to watch movie, they don’t have subtitle. So, you better clean your ears first.
  10. Last, Filipinos students tend to study everywhere and anytime #grabe . I mean, if you go to McD or Starbucks, or even in small cafe, there must be some students are studying there. I ever starved at 11.30 pm and went to McD, there were lots of students studying there.

In fact, I really want to discuss about the statement number 10. I really appreciate the students here. They have eagerness to study and learn things even in public environment. Last night, I went to SM San Lazaro Mall. When I came back to my dorm, I took a jeepney and there was one guy sitting in front of me and was reading his school materials. They don’t mind studying everywhere and other people don’t care about it also. I rarely see this in Indonesia.

I don’t want to speak ill of what’s happening around college students in Indonesia. In my university specifically in my major (I am pretty sure it also happens in another major and university), if someone see you are studying or reading some school materials, they will say “Ambis!” which means “You are to ambitious!” but this is said for mocking people.

Some of my classmates or my juniors often told to me that they really want to success in their education but they are afraid being called “Ambis” and it decreases their eagerness to study. They won’t study in front of people. If someone sees that they are studying, they will close the books or pretending they aren’t studying at all. If someone asks them, have you studied yesterday? They will say “No, I haven’t” because they don’t want to be called Ambis.

OMG guys. I think this can be classified as bullying. I mean verbal bullying. Because from Oxford dictionaries, bully is use superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force them to do something. Yes! You intimidate them not to studying bro! You do bullying!

Tashia! Please don’t be too old-school. We just want to having fun~

That’s the answer of the bully when they bullied others, guys πŸ™‚

So, I hope the Indonesian students will change and let others pursuing their dreams and you, the bully people will chase your own dreams also rather than just wasting your time for mocking people.

In future, Indonesia needs us. Indonesia needs our ideas, our thought and our contributions. How can you contribute maximally if you waste your youth for mocking people instead of studying well with your peers? If you are truly future leaders, you should be able to supporting and improve someone’s life when they are around you. That’s how the leaders do!

In a nutshells, change mind will change life and changing the nations! πŸ™‚

Lastly, I really want to thank Filipinos students that studying in McD, starbucks, and anywhere. Thanks for making me be aware of this!

3 pemikiran pada “A contemplation after 4 months staying in Philippines.

  1. I’m agree to your statements above!
    Well, I’ve just realized that “reading a book in public” is considered bullying as well after I read this article. I think this case is really happening nowadays in Indonesia, thoroughly. It is such a pity if this “silent bullying”continues. IMO, this problem can be a good topic to be promoted in anti-bullying campaign.

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

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