* when I meet new friends*

“Hi! What’s your name? :)”

“My name is Tashia. What’s your name?”

“My name is…… Where do you come from? Korea?”

*at ministop*

“Your total bills is….. . Are you from Korea?”

“No I am not, I come from Indonesia”

*join new organization*

“Whoaaa you are so beautiful! Are you a Korean?”

“No I am not. I am Indonesian”

These are just examples how people never guess me as Indonesian than Korean. Maybe because my skin color and my eyes shape. Actually, I am Chinese by blood but I was born in Indonesia (Pekanbaru, Riau). We call the Chinese Indonesian as Tionghoa people.

But for honest, I prefer to be called as Indonesian than Chinese in abroad.

WHY ?!

Are not you proud of your ancestry?

Yes, I am.


For me, Indonesia is more than just a place that I was born at.

The widely diverse cultures (since Indonesian has 1340 tribes!! according to Statistics Indonesia at 2010), each provinces has their own traditional houses, attires, dances and weapons!

This was taken when I went to Ruteng, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, ID in 2016. They said that it’s their traditional house.

This is called Tor- tor, Traditional batak dance.

This was taken at 2009! Sorry for my face :’) Haha.

The different traditions among the tribes and I can enjoy every part of it everywhere such as in school because they will talk with their accents or they will teach me their own language (I can sing Bataknese songs and speak Minang language btw), how they will solve problems with helps from their ancestor teachings, having best friends from different ethnic groups.

the celebrations of different religions (I really like to go to Eid Al Adha celebration that held in my residence, I could see how they slaughter the cows, cook and give to us freely!! HAHA), the celebration of Chinese new year and etc.

joining takbiran (Takbiran is the night of last day of fasting month of Moslem people) and tour around the city because they will have city parade playing drum and tambourine and we can see the fireworks.

In Gorontalo, Indonesian Moslem people will make hundreds of even thousands oil lamps and form it into various shapes in relation to Islam and Eid-Al-Fitr. It is called Tumbilotohe.

Tumbilotohe festival. source: google.com

attending some Indonesian traditional weddings (and this is so cool! Each tribes have their own features, definitely I will use kebaya as one of my attires in my wedding because it’s just really beautiful! HAHA).

Java traditional wedding

the hospitable people, the foods that I really miss so baaaaaad now:( such as Satay, Rendang, Dendeng, Nasi Padang, Soto, Bakso, Nasi Uduk, Pecel, Sambel terasi and other delicious foods.


chicken satay

Nasi Uduk

and the beauty of Indonesian natures.

its heritage and cultures already get in the part of my life.

I grew up among Indonesian friends such as Javanese, Bataknese, Melayunese, Sundanese, Minangkabaunese and other tribes. Sometimes I would sleep in their house and treated me as their own family. This diversity is too awesome!

How come I do not love Indonesia? The country that I live in for 20 years and even now I am staying in other country for a certain time, I always want to go back to Indonesia. Travel always teach where your heart are belong to, right? 🙂

I think if someone from abroad wants me to describe Indonesia, the right word that I choose to describe it is DIVERSE.

But, even the Indonesian people are very different in many ways, WE ARE ONE.

That’s why you called it Bhinneka Tunggal Ika or “Unity in Diversity/Different but one

Indonesia was not born in uniformity. But, Indonesia was raised over the diversity.

So, when you are trying to uniform it, you kill Indonesia.

Think twice.

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